KITAS Visa Bali: Simplify Your Work in Bali

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Do you have plans to work or build a business in Bali? Or are you going to work on a big project in Bali? This means that you need to have a residence permit in the form of a Bali KITAS visa so that you can stay longer in Indonesia to complete the work.

To get a KITAS, you must be sponsored by a local visa agent or the company where you will work. Companies must apply for a Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS).

This article will guide you through the various options for obtaining a KITAS as well as explain the process of obtaining a working KITAS visa bali.

What is a KITAS Visa Bali?

KITAS is a Limited Stay Permit Card. This card is intended for foreigners working in Indonesia so they can live in Indonesia (a kind of resident permit) and must be extended once a year. To get this card, you must have a job in Indonesia and get sponsorship from the company where you work.

Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS) is one of the prima donna products of immigration among foreigners. With this card, you can be active in Indonesia for a longer period.

VITAS First, KITAS Later

Fastest way to obtain a KITAS is obtaining a VITAS (Limited Stay Visa). In general, visas are categorized into two, working or just living (not working). The type of KITAS will also determine the types of documents that you or the guarantor need to prepare when applying for the ITAS at the Immigration Office. The VITAS user is required to report to the immigration office and convert his visa into a Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) a maximum of 30 days after arrival.

Who Can Apply for a KITAS Bali Visa?

  • Foreigners or children of foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens.
  • Children of foreign nationals who have a Limited Stay Permit Card at the time of birth in Indonesian Territory.
  • Citizens from abroad who enter Indonesian Territory with a limited stay visa or foreigners who are given a change of status from a visit Stay Permit.
  • Masters, crew members, or foreign experts on ships, floating devices, or installations operating in Indonesian territorial waters and jurisdiction following the provisions of laws and regulations.
  • Foreigners who come to Indonesia, especially to Bali, to do short work.

Types of KITAS in Bali, Indonesia

1. Work Permit KITAS

You must be sponsored by a company that has been registered in Indonesia, for example, a PT, a representative office, or a public or private institution. To get it, the applicant must apply for a work permit in the Bali region or what is known as IMTA.

2. Marriage Visa KITAS

This is a special type of KITAS for foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens. Unlike a work visa, the owner of this card is only allowed to live in Bali and work as a freelancer, not as a permanent worker in a company.

3. Retirement Visa KITAS

This type of KITAS is given to foreigners aged 55 years and over who wish to spend their retirement years in Bali. You can apply after one month of entry on a tourist visa. Furthermore, the owner can live in Bali for many years.

Documents Required to Apply for KITAS Visa Bali

Being able to work or do business in Indonesia, especially Bali is a dream come true for some foreigners. However, you need to go through a fairly long and difficult process. Before you start applying, you need to prepare a lot of documents such as:

  • Application form
  • Guarantee letter from the guarantor
  • Valid and valid national passport along with its photocopy (in color)
  • Company domicile certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae with company stamp and signed by the director (10,000 stamped)
  • Scan of the last diploma
  • Minimum work certificate of 5 years
  • Passport photo size 3×4 cm and 4×6 cm
  • NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) of the company
  • SIUP (Business and Trading License)
  • Plans for the Use of Foreign Workers (RPTKA) from the competent authority
  • Valid sign-in letter

How to Apply for KITAS Visa Bali

  • Submit an application to the Head of the Immigration Office or Immigration Officer in the Bali area. You can apply for it yourself or through your guarantor.
  • Complete the necessary conditions, both general and specific requirements according to the needs of the temporary stay.
  • The latest KITAS application is 30 days after the Entrance Sign. If you pass, a fee will be charged according to the applicable regulations.
  • After the requirements submitted have been checked and their validity confirmed, the Head of the Immigration Office or the Immigration Officer for the Bali region will issue a KITAS for a maximum of 4 days.

Are you having trouble applying for your KITAS because of the hassle with the many requirements and documents? Contact E-Visa Bali because we are ready to help you simplify the application process to completion.

Jenis KITAS juga akan menentukan jenis dokumen yang perlu Anda atau penjamin siapkan saat mengurus ITAS di Kantor Imigrasi.


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